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DeChard I. H. M. Freeman is the Lead Pastor of the Abundant LIFE Church in the Greater Austin area. “Pastor FREE” as he is affectionately known, began preaching the Gospel at the tender age of 8. He has been licensed and ordained in the Baptist
denomination. He has served in numerous ministerial capacities on the local, state wide and national levels.Freeman was led to organize the Abundant LIFE Church in 2008. His powerful preaching and creative ministry approach have seen thousands of souls come to Christ. In this book, Pastor FREE tries to condense 30+ years of ministerial experience into practical and easy to read nuggets that every young Minister should know. The reading is equally beneficial to those who are not clergy, to help them understand how to better support, select and show grace to a young minister. This resource is to educate, equip, encourage and enlighten the entire Body of Christ as it pertains to those starting out in the ministry of the Lord’s Church.

Dear Young Preacher - Audiobook

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